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The New

Welcome. As you’ve seen, we recently made a significant number of changes to our site. So, to help you find your way around and find what you need, we created this video and provided answers to many of the questions you might have.

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What’s New?

  • was redesigned to provide a better experience for users by delivering enriched content, a modern design that reflects more intuitive functionality aimed at clients, prospects and our own Distribution team members. The new site will help you work smarter and make it easier to find what you need. But, this is just the beginning. We will continue to improve the site, adding new content, functionality and tools in the future.

  • Over time, we’ll be updating the entire site to reflect the new design, creating a consistent cohesive experience for visitors. This release is the first of many and covers the redesign of the global English language sections, including role-based sites for Individual Investors and Investment Professionals, as well as modest updates for Institutions and Consultants. Stay tuned for the roll out of local sites for various regions around the world happening throughout 2018.

  • Users will find a more refined search function, including search filters that make it easy to locate detailed product information and related content. To better highlight the personalities behind our products and strategies, the site features a wealth of information about our leadership team and select fund managers. The site functions across all devices: desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • The Financial Advisor, Registered Investment Advisor, and Research Analyst roles have been consolidated under a single new role: Investment Professional. This means there are now three roles for site users to choose from: Individual Investors, Investment Professional, and Institutions and Consultants. In the U.S., all visitors will default to the Individual Investor role on their first visit to the new site. This is intended to provide quick and easy access to our public product information and related materials. To access advisor-specific information, simply switch to the Investment Professional role from the main menu. For information on Institutional Investment strategies select the Institutional and Consultants role. Users outside the US will be prompted to select a role when they first enter the site.

  • Some tools and materials on the site have been designed specifically for the Investment Professional role. Rather than requiring users to log in to access this information, users can instead access it by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

  • You no longer need to log in or register to access the majority of the content on the site. You will, however, need to log in to access client-specific reports, wholesaler or personalized contact information, BNY statements, our client seminar tool and a few other unique tools that are designed for specific roles. Your existing username and password are still valid for logging into the new site. If you don’t currently have log-in credentials, you can create them by registering.

  • Your current bookmarks will continue to redirect to the new site for the foreseeable future; however updating them to new site links will result in faster page loads. If you experience any difficulty or need to find something quickly, please contact your MFS representative.
    Contact us

  • No. The new site has completely replaced the old one. If you have comments or suggestions for future enhancements, please contact your MFS representative.
    Contact us

  • Continuous improvement is critical to any website. Throughout 2018 and beyond you’ll see a number of enhancements aimed at providing an experience that reflects the latest digital technology and industry best practices as well as the changing needs of our clients. This includes adding more functionality, advanced client tools, and more content, including locally relevant content in key markets and local languages outside the U.S.

  • We redesigned the Institutions and Consultants home page, with access to new in-depth content about our investing capabilities and approach, to help you understand how MFS makes the best decisions for clients. In the menu, we added a new “Manage Your Account” section with direct access to client specific reports, proxy voting information, and newsroom and announcements. We’ve also updated the Investment Strategy page with access to corresponding fact sheets in various currencies.

How Do I…

  • You can use your existing username and password to log in from multiple locations on the site. On the right side of the home page, you’ll find a red login button. Clicking it reveals the login fields. You can also reach the login fields from LOGIN in the top row of the main menu. If you wish to register, simply click the login button and follow the prompts to register.
    Go to Registration

  • Individual Investor: by visiting the home page or menu, users have access to various account management tools under the “Manage Your Account” section.

    Investment Professional: by visiting the home page or menu, users have access to various account management tools under the “Client Account Management” section.

    Institutions and Consultants: by visiting the menu, users have access to their reports, proxy voting and news and announcements, under the “Manage Your Account” section.

  • To order literature, Investment Professionals must first select their role from the dropdown in the main menu. Literature can then be found in the main menu under “Client Account Management.” Or you can access it directly here

  • If you’ve forgotten your password, click on the “Forgot your Password” box on the login page. Enter your username (if you’ve also forgotten your username, you will have to re-register). The reminder question that you entered when you registered will appear and you will need to provide the answer. If you answer correctly, we will email a one-time password to your registered email address. You will be prompted to reset the password once you use it.

  • To update your profile, you must first log in to the site. Once you’re logged in, go to “Update Profile” at the top of the main menu. Open it and follow the prompts.

  • The Individual Investor role is the initial default for users in the U.S. To change your role, simply open the main menu in the upper left-hand corner of the site and use the dropdown menu at the top to select a new role.

  • You can continue to contact your MFS representatives with the same phone numbers or email addresses you use today. To view your assigned MFS representatives within the site, you can use your existing login credentials to access their contact information. This will be available for Investment Professionals in the “My MFS Contacts” section of the home page. For Individual Investors and Institutions and Consultants, you can view your MFS contact information in the “Contact Us” section of the menu.

Where Can I Find…

  • The list of products varies by role and there are a few ways to find our products on the new site. The home page includes a brand new “quick link” entitled “Discover Our Products” that’s designed to provide fast and easy access to our funds. Alternatively, you can open the main menu in the upper left corner of every page. There you’ll find a “Products & Strategies” section that also includes links to our funds. You’ll also find direct links to MFS products in the footer section of each page.

  • The “Discover Our Products” fund finder on the home page provides a searchable list of all MFS funds, organized by investment option. Each fund also has its own page that provides detailed information about it, including its investment objective, historical holdings, Morningstar rating, ongoing performance and more.

  • You’ll find PDFs for each fund’s Quarterly Guide, Prospectus and Fact Sheet at the top of that fund’s product page. These materials can be downloaded to be printed and shared with clients.

    You can also find these same materials for Mutual Funds on the Mutual Funds page by scrolling to the Resources tab on the right

    For Variable Insurance Portfolios, you’ll find the materials by visiting the Variable Insurance Portfolios page and scrolling to the Resources tab on the right.

    For Investment Strategies, you’ll find corresponding fact sheets in various currencies, on the Institutions and Consultants home page.

    • Investment Professionals will find these tools and materials under the Investment Professional role, in the new “Grow Your Business” section.

    • Individual Investors will find investment planning content in the main menu under “Plan for the Future.”
  • You’ll find the “What Keeps Your Clients Up at Night” tool at the top of the “Grow Your Business” page.

    Go to “What Keeps Your Clients Up at Night” tool
  • The Asset Allocation tool is currently being updated and will return to the site very soon.

  • Where you’ll find forms and applications depends on the role you’ve selected. First, select the proper role in the main menu.

    • Investment Professionals will find Forms and Applications in the main menu under “Client Account Management.” Or, you can find it here.
    • Individual Investors will find Forms and Applications in the main menu under “Manage Your Account.” Or, you can find it here.
  • Where you’ll find the Tax Center depends on the role you’ve selected.

    • Investment Professionals who’ve selected that role will find the Tax Center in the main menu under “Client Account Management.” Or, you can find it here.
    • Individual Investors can find the Tax Center in the main menu under “Manage Your Account,” or go here.
  • Our Insights section contains timely opinion and strategy pieces written by MFS experts. These pages are continually updated with new pieces. To view the most recent piece, explore the Insights quick link on the home page.

    Go to Insights
  • Key members of the global MFS leadership team have individual profile pages that include background information and links to Investment Insights to which they’ve contributed, as well as products and funds related to that content. You can access the profile pages from “Our People” under “Who We Are.” You’ll also find bio information for select portfolio managers and key content contributors on the “Our Teams” section under “Our People.”

    Go to Our People
  • The location of the proxy voting page depends on the role you’ve selected, so be sure to first select the appropriate role from the main menu.

    • Individual Investors will find Proxy Voting in the main menu under “Manage Your Account.”
    • Investment Professionals will find Proxy Voting in the main menu under “Client Account Management.”
    • Institutions and Consultants will find Proxy Voting in the main menu under “Manage Your Account.”
  • We will be rolling out local language sites throughout 2018 and providing updates on each of those sites as they launch.

  • If you still need help using the site, there are several ways to get in touch with us. Use the “Contact Us” link under the main menu. You may also contact your MFS representative directly. If he or she doesn’t have the answer, they’ll find it for you. Finally, you can email your question to us at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible