Be an Open Book

A relationship with a financial advisor must start from a point of trust, where you're comfortable sharing what's important to you so you can own the conversation.

The Partnership Advantage

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Speaker 1: I think we should ask anything we want to ask. It's about trust. It's about finding that individual that you're going to be honest with, and that you feel will be honest back to you. I'll be the first one to admit, when I go to the doctor's and they ask me how many glasses of wine, I lie. I totally lie. Okay? I know I'm supposed [00:00:30] to say one to two a week, okay? But when it comes to our finances, you need to be an open book. You need to be an open book of what means something to you. Do you want to pay for your kids college? Are you nervous about taking care of your parents? Are you worried about their health? Are you worried ... you got to share everything so someone can navigate.

Speaker 2: So many people are afraid of asking the wrong questions when they sit with a financial advisor. [00:01:00] And it's any question that you might have. It's not one size fits all.