Don't Get Frazzled By Finances

No one expects you to be a financial expert. What you don't know can only hurt you if you don't ask. Getting answers could boot your confidence.

Calm, Cool and Invested

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Speaker 1: I think there's so much pressure for us to be perfect and I think that we have a society that kind of shames people who've made bad financial decisions. So, either that you are afraid to make financial decisions, period, or you're afraid to talk to people about the bad decisions that you've made.

Speaker 2: What I see is some women come in and they're either really skeptical. It's so hard to build trust with them. It's [00:00:30] like when I go see an auto mechanic and I have no idea what they're saying to me and I don't want to trust them because I don't know. In that case, a lot of times, it leads to women just not investing at all, not getting started.

Speaker 3: I'll continue to make mistakes. I sort of embrace it because you can't get better if you're not making mistakes. Early on, I got caught up, like anybody else, with the noise of the headlines. I was trying to find the greatest investment of all. I've learned to just put money in [00:01:00] every month. It's not for a quick buck.