What are your financial firsts?

If you start your working life out with good financial habits, like saving early and taking advantage of benefits, you'll put your future self on stronger financial footing.

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This stage of life is all about planning and building your life. You're sort of just starting to take hold of it yourself and really looking at what's next.

If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there, so you really do need to start with the budget. What income do they have, what expenses do they have?

How can they manage debt, how can they manage credit scores, very important pieces like that.

But the second point I really want to drive home is about negotiating that first salary. While 57% of men negotiate their first salary, only 7% of women do. Here's the good news, in that same study they showed that 89% of those women that did got what they were looking for. So it's really important to not only negotiate, and to give you an idea, what that costs you over a lifetime of work is probably a million to a million and a half dollars in difference in earnings. It's benefits, as we've talked about with retirement, and other things, so it's really really important to negotiate that.

just to build off of what you said, Heather, really important to know your benefits and to understand specifically your retirement plan, because that can be a source of super important in the future and allows you to defer money on a pre-tax basis, so it may cost a little bit less than what you might think. You also want to know if your employer has a match contribution, because if they're going to contribute some to your plan, you don't want to leave that money on the table, so really important to understand that.

And time is on your side here. The sooner you can get money invested in the market, in your retirement plan, it's just going to help you in the long run because of compounding and that whole idea of interest and growth building on that asset base that you have.

You have to save for that woman in the future, because she's going to need that money. Save for yourself.

Sometimes it's hard to think about getting started…and one of the things that's great now, that there are now apps that you can get on your phone that can just make it fun and easy to start, just that dip your toe in.

There's Mint and there's one called Stash, and there's even one called Acorns where if you like to shop, you can top it up, and you can say how much. So if you spent $48.03, it'll take the 97 cents and knock it into your investment portfolio, or up to the next five or 10 or $20.

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