When Women are Called on as Caregivers

Women could be called on as caregivers in many ways and at different life stages, so it's important to know what those might be.

Being A Caregiver

Nursing Home Checklist

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Speaker 1:I like to think of it in basically four categories for caregiving. It's caregiving for a child, caregiving for a disabled family member, being surprised by having the demands placed on you in terms of caregiving for an injured or ailing spouse, and then lastly, stepping into the role, caregiving for aging parents.

Those are really the four places where we give up our time, or give up our income, or give up a piece of ourselves.

Caregiving at multiple life stages I would tell you that it occurs across multiple life stages. When we think about in the 80s, for instance, the Baby Boomer generation, we were called the Sandwich Generation, and this is because we were in multiple, or likely to be in multiple [00:09:00] life stages, where we're caring still for our children, but we're caring for adult family members as well.

I always say that it's not just the Sandwich Generation, it's the Club Sandwich Generation. Because it's not just about our parents and our children, it's our grandparents, and our grandchildren, and nieces, and nephews, and siblings. So it's multiple life stages, multiple roles that we may be in at any given time.

Plan for your time to care.

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